Aliases: hg38

Digest: 2230c535660fb4774114bfa966a62f823fdb6d21acf138d4

Description: The GCA_000001405.15 GRCh38_no_alt_analysis_set from NCBI

Assets table

download asset name:tag asset description asset/archive size archive digest
bismark_bt2_index:default Genome index for Bisulfite-Seq applications, produced by bismark_genome_preparation using bowtie2 13.6GB / 7.5GB acbec04c21c87110ea563a6f7f401290
bowtie2_index:default Genome index for bowtie, produced with bowtie-build 3.9GB / 3.5GB 25cc75284e648c72ba029c29f6be63b9
bwa_index:default Genome index for Burrows-Wheeler Alignment Tool, produced with bwa index 5.1GB / 3.2GB 9cf6efedee66d8fe4d9e208dd3992f7b
cellranger_reference:default Cell Ranger custom genome reference for read alignment and gene expression quantification 17.7GB / 10.7GB 5b263624451abfa416b8661703df65f6
dbnsfp:default A database developed for functional prediction and annotation of all potential non-synonymous single-nucleotide variants (nsSNVs) in the human genome (Gencode release 29/Ensembl 94) 22.9GB / 22.8GB 9c185929713231de292157cada2376b4
dbsnp:default The database of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and multiple small-scale variations that include insertions/deletions, microsatellites, and non-polymorphic variants 1.5GB / 1.5GB ad6586ccabeedcf9fe5b2d41c43e072b
ensembl_gtf:default Ensembl GTF, TSS, and gene body annotation 56.4MB / 46.6MB 1697939994ce71b225ea1c792616fa24
ensembl_rb:default A regulatory annotation file 10.7MB / 9.9MB 968f0de42335837c427715d5b2f44608
fasta:default DNA sequences in the FASTA format, indexed FASTA (produced with samtools index) and chromosome sizes file 2.9GB / 833.4MB 4e94404ceab2b97f86afee1709d4f47e
fasta_txome:default cDNA sequences in the FASTA format, indexed FASTA (produced with samtools index) and chromosome sizes file 363.9MB / 69.1MB 92f4515473541290855175a35beb401c
gencode_gtf:default GTF annotation asset which provides access to all annotated transcripts which make up an Ensembl gene set. 37.6MB / 36.7MB b81eebf84e1763842c8971d45836ef5c
hisat2_index:default Genome index for HISAT2, produced with hisat2-build 4.2GB / 3.9GB f54c7f1ca70d5975d8089e636f3ac9a1
refgene_anno:default gene, TSS, exon, intron, and premature mRNA annotation files 27.9MB / 13.7MB 3efa0258d0d887f2fdacf027594f29d9
salmon_partial_sa_index:default Transcriptome index for salmon, produced with salmon index using partial selective alignment method. Preparation includes transcriptome mapping to the genome and extraction of the relevant portion out from the genome and indexing it along with the transcriptome. Recipe source -- 2.5GB / 943.4MB d16df614c5e8e3911182c7bae1a4e483
salmon_sa_index:default Transcriptome index for salmon, produced with salmon index using selective alignment method. Improves quantification accuracy compared to the regular index. 16.5GB / 14.1GB 5dfc4ebfdcde867a395cc0fa0e686f79
star_index:default Genome index for STAR RNA-seq aligner, produced with STAR --runMode genomeGenerate 26.9GB / 24.3GB 48c91242af71556e6095a03aaca7643c
suffixerator_index:default Enhanced suffix array index for genomes using gt (GenomeTools) suffixerator program 27.3GB / 15.9GB ba6a965e6f6bb943b523bd6a2d94b201
tgMap:default Transcript to gene map file, containing two columns mapping of each transcript present in the reference to the corresponding gene. 4.5MB / 1.1MB eda8a5127cb33f05c92b75cce7f78764