Aliases: hg19_cdna

Digest: fc77e33fa26398662380748a62ab6279dab2a637256acd89

Description: The GRCh37 cDNA reference sequence from Ensembl

Assets table

download asset name:tag asset description asset/archive size archive digest
fasta:default DNA sequences in the FASTA format, indexed FASTA (produced with samtools index) and chromosome sizes file 315.1MB / 60.7MB 3e10ce65ba9475d2d327995fccb22c4b
kallisto_index:default Genome index for kallisto, produced with kallisto index 2.1GB / 1.6GB 5fc480b0f87547cce476062ac0e999e5
salmon_index:default Transcriptome index for salmon, produced with salmon index 550.4MB / 470.4MB 809d9caabcfe1ec0569dac62386fd1e7