Aliases: human_alu

Digest: 74a50bdcb018c11d17d94d44679da3cbb3cb420df0ab1e46

Description: Manually curated human ALU repeats from GenBank, obtained from ref_decoy

Assets table

download asset name:tag asset description asset/archive size archive digest
bismark_bt2_index:default Genome index for Bisulfite-Seq applications, produced by bismark_genome_preparation using bowtie2 16.0MB / 32.1KB 3f8975884c323ed2ad6155958907a919
bowtie2_index:default Genome index for bowtie, produced with bowtie-build 8.0MB / 16.9KB a95a60fa2eb81c0f07775017c4f72c50
bwa_index:default Genome index for Burrows-Wheeler Alignment Tool, produced with bwa index 10.7KB / 2.7KB 00c9331368da6c07380708692ec8ab79
fasta:default DNA sequences in the FASTA format, indexed FASTA (produced with samtools index) and chromosome sizes file 10.3KB / 825B 6e076b966992dcade956b1fa560cc8a8
hisat2_index:default Genome index for HISAT2, produced with hisat2-build 4.1MB / 14.2KB 164dc1b3496c312bede6d9962985f688
suffixerator_index:default Enhanced suffix array index for genomes using gt (GenomeTools) suffixerator program 29.8KB / 9.2KB b08865b3a00e84ca959f3daf7e670de4