Aliases: mouse_chrM2x

Digest: 43f14ba8beed34d52edb244e26f193df6edbb467bd55d37a

Description: The mouse mitochondrial genome, doubled

Assets table

download asset name:tag asset description asset/archive size archive digest
bismark_bt2_index:default Genome index for Bisulfite-Seq applications, produced by bismark_genome_preparation using bowtie2 16.2MB / 196.2KB 1e33472a39a07a8617076288bd3cd2b9
bowtie2_index:default Genome index for bowtie, produced with bowtie-build 8.1MB / 119.7KB a04542a01626deee79e263aec6419e4d
bwa_index:default Genome index for Burrows-Wheeler Alignment Tool, produced with bwa index 61.8KB / 32.2KB e7a565af7795d88e7aeec67b5a3c9f0f
fasta:default DNA sequences in the FASTA format, indexed FASTA (produced with samtools index) and chromosome sizes file 44.8KB / 9.1KB 95f40234ff82bcb20a105f1ccf5f7e66
hisat2_index:default Genome index for HISAT2, produced with hisat2-build 4.1MB / 81.2KB 0bbf8860ee8e9d342c77c6ebdc9d857e
star_index:default Genome index for STAR RNA-seq aligner, produced with STAR --runMode genomeGenerate 1.5GB / 8.6MB ff7f3ac370fd8f24e16447b7fd5028d3
suffixerator_index:default Enhanced suffix array index for genomes using gt (GenomeTools) suffixerator program 553.1KB / 178.8KB 093407b8e61db3d1eb922d8ed3f18a0c